RETHINK – Reloaded

Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

It has been over one and a half years now since I posted my last article. Guess what… life took a different course for me during that time. My time and energy were directed to other topics and especially to the job I just started at that time.

Much has happened between then and now. I don’t have that job any more, I have finished my yoga teacher apprenticeship and now I give yoga classes twice a month, I got married to a great man and we moved into a new apartment.

It is my mission to contribute to humankind’s transformation and to show people how valuable we all are and that we all play an important part on a wider scene in this universe.

The clear decision to follow my own path and create my own business was made about a year ago, but this inner calling to contribute in the world is much older. Actually, I wanted to become an astronaut as a child and I followed that vision for a long time until something dawned on me.

I wanted to become an astronaut, not because of the science but because to see our blue planet from a totally different perspective. I could sense how precious our existence is in this vast universe and know that we are here for a reason.

And my reason is to remind everyone else of his beauty and power, of his magnificence and his value for this world. That we have the power to transform this world in something incredibly beautiful, where love is omnipresent, and fear is only there to remind us of our growth and not to freeze us.

I now feel ready to completely own this blog and continue with my writing about the topics which are so important to me and hopefully also to you.


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